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Matching Of Rolling Mill Bearings
- May 22, 2017 -

Coordination purpose:

In order to make the bearings to achieve the best running performance, the inner ring and the shaft and the outer ring and the bearing seat hole between the coordination must be correct. If the mating surface is not fully bonded, the bearing ring can be circumferentially moved in the bore of the bearing housing under the action of the external load. Once the mating surface with the crawl, appear, it will damage the shaft and bearing housing and cause abnormal heating or wear of the bearings.

In order to prevent peristalsis, it is not enough to press the bearing axially, the bearing that beared rotating load must also provide the necessary interference fit , Bearings with static loads are generally not required to use interference fit unless the bearing is subjected to bear vibration loads


Matching selection principle:

To select the most suitable fit, It is necessary to consider the direction of the load, the characteristics of the load, the magnitude of the load,, the temperature condition, the installation and dismantling conditions.