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Development Status Sliding Bearing Manufacturing And Production Technology
- Aug 01, 2016 -

A wide range of plain bearings, bearing press force direction can be divided into radial sliding bearing, thrust bearing, radial thrust bearing; press bearing lubricant used can be divided into liquid lubricating sliding bearings, gas lubricated slide bearings, grease lubricated sliding bearings and solid lubrication of plain bearings, wherein the liquid lubricating sliding bearings can be divided into oil-lubricated plain bearings, water lubricated sliding bearings and magnetic fluid lubrication bearing; bearing bush press materials can be divided into sub-metal sliding bearings , non-metallic sliding bearings and plain bearings and so porous. Fluid lubricating sliding bearing can be divided into hydrodynamic lubrication sliding bearings, sliding bearings and hydrostatic lubricating fluid static Hybrid bearing 121. Hydrodynamic lubrication bearing has a long history, it has over 10 years of applied research, its scope of application also said a variety of sliding bearings most widely used.

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