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CARB Bearing Introduction
- Nov 14, 2017 -

HCARB Bearing is a new type of radial roller bearing. This type of bearing is specially designed combined with the self-aligning ability of Self-aligning Roller Bearing and axial displacement ability of Cylindrical Roller Bearing. At the same time it is with comparatively small section size and under most circumstance only Needle Bearing has this feature. The axial displacement that the Self-aligning Roller Bearing permits depends on radial clearance. For short Cylindrical Roller Bearing the permitted axial displacement does not depend on radial clearance radial clearance but is limited by the width of the raceway.

Because the CARB bearing has double feature of adjusting eccentricity and axial displacement it has wider “working area” than Self-aligning Roller Bearing or Cylindrical Roller Bearing. It is permitted when the axial displacement reaches 8% or higher and depends on working clearance. So CARB bearing are more widely used than Self-aligning Roller Bearing or Cylindrical Roller Bearing.

The size of CARB bearing manufactured by CHG ranges from 25mm—1800mm. It could be a substitute for Self-aligning Bearing, Self-aligning Roller Bearing, Cylindrical Roller Bearing and even Needle Bearing.  CARB bearing mainly used in continuous casting machine, paper machine, crusher, grinding machine, transmission system, conveyor belt, textile machine etc.