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Analyzing Bearing
- Aug 01, 2016 -

Bearings are available to determine, mainly on account of the extent of damage bearings, mechanical properties, the importance of operating conditions to be determined during the next maintenance. If you have the following defects can no longer use, it must be replaced with new bearings. Inner, outer ring, rolling body, any cracks or notches on a cage.

1, rings, there is a break in any rolling elements.

2, there is a significant injury card rolling pavement, ribs, rolling.

3, the retainer significant wear or rivet significant relaxation.

4, raceway, rust on the rolling body injury.

5, raceway, there are severe dents and hit the marks on the rolling elements.

6, the inner diameter of the inner surface or outer diameter face significant creep.

7, the discoloration due to heat significantly.

8, grease-sealed bearings, seals or dust cover damaged significantly.