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Tapered roller bearing structural features
- Aug 01, 2016 -

Tapered roller bearing type code 30000, tapered roller bearings for the separation of bearings. Under normal circumstances, especially in the GB / T307.1-94 "Rolling bearings tolerance" within the cone are involved in the size range between roller bearing outer ring and inner components are interchangeable hundred percent can be used.

The outer ring raceway angle and an outer diameter same size and shape has been standardized prescribed for. Not allowed to change the design and manufacturing time. To cause between the tapered roller bearing outer ring and inner components can be interchanged in common worldwide.

Tapered roller bearings are mainly used to bear radial load mainly radial and axial joint load. Compared with the angular contact ball bearings, bearing capacity, low speed limit. Tapered roller bearings can withstand axial load in one direction, a direction to limit axial displacement of shaft or housing.